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Monthly Top 10 Swimmers


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5,000 KM Swimmers

Akira Ichikawa
Darryl Eby
Mark Sandilands
ron yoshida
jeff thornton
Irene Harris
don frantz
Jack Dewit
Jennifer Merriam
jack dewit

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3,000 KM Swimmers

Mel McDonald
Shawn Pinder

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2,000 KM Swimmers

Kim Stanford
Warren Molnar
Rudolf Megert
Leona Jacobs
Dean Gallimore

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1,500 KM Swimmers

Steve Patitsas
Dee Kennedy
Bruce Webster
lemaun bruce webster

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1,000 KM Swimmers

Jo-Anne Tomie
Becky Molnar
Charlie Myles
Bob Hamilton
Danny Robdrup
Siobhan Henry Espina

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